Why Use World Link Partners?

Why use World Link Partners?




How can I find a project that fulfills my donor objectives? 
This is World Link Partners’ role:  to find the right project for the donor.   We exist to provide funding for projects however our role is to work on behalf of the donors and the projects.  We  are "social entrepreneurs".  We identify projects, we evaluate them, we develop a partnership, we link resources and monitor the projects. We work on behalf of donors/people who invest  in human lives.
 Why should I donate to World Link Partners?
The bottom line for donors is to work with organizations/NGO's that share their values, and to get funding to those in most need. This is WLP role.  Our goal is to provide opportunity for people to have a choice, then provide the means for them to achieve that goal.  We focus on those most in need, the isolated, remote and underserved areas.  We are the direct link with donors and people in need.  We work as your representatives to get funding where it is most needed.  We have over 30 years of international work and living.   
How much is WLP overhead? This is a justifiable concern for donors.
Our overhead is 5% which means that 95% of your donation goes directly to the students, the women, those in need. (all of our administrative staff and project directors are volunteers.)


How can I be sure that the project I support is trustworthy, effective, and accountable?
This is World Link’s role:  To insure this to the donor.


1) Freedom:  World Link does not have its own projects.  We partner with and work on behalf of several projects currently in Guatemala and Nepal this allows us freedom to be very selective about our partner projects to insure quality, trustworthiness and transparency.  It also provides us the freedom to change projects if we have concerns.
2) Accountability:  We have a very close trusting relationship and friendship with our partners and project directors.  We visit the projects, and monitor them.  They are accountable to us including financial accountability and quality of their work.  We require budget proposals specifying where the funding will go, semi-annual accountability reports, and annual reports.  Funding is disbursed in increments to insure accountability and quality.  Both of our project directors (in Guatemala and Nepal) are volunteers.
3)  Evaluations:  WLP’s conducts an annual informal evaluation by an outside evaluator to insure both quality of the projects, financial accountability and transparency.
4)  Updates and Reports:  We keep in close touch with our donors and provide on-line and/or hard copy semi-annual and annual reports. 

          Registered with: Great Non-Profits, Utah-The Charity Guide: Utah Charity Organizations


World Links total overhead is 5%

Where we work:  Guatemala and Nepal