FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)



What is World Link Partners mission and how are you acheiving it?


Our mission is to provide opportunity for people to make the choices that affect their lives.

Showing how we are reaching this goal can be challenging because opportunity is difficult to measure.  However we can measure the provision of opportunity.  We can say that in leveraging with partners in 2015-16 we (NARU and World Link Partners) combined with the generous support of the Sabin Children's Foudation:
  • established a health education and training center in Senahu, Guatemala
  • where we served approx. 1,500 men, women and children in over 68 communities 
  • we provided daily food supplements to over 200 malnorished children in 100 villages
  • our community outreach program provided in community training for approx. 200 families in health education, establishment of community and family gardens, development of chicken projects, small business development

How much of my donation goes directly to project support?

  • 95%of your donation goes to project support. Project support includes: purchase of food supplements, teacher's salaries for women's literacy, salaries for trainers, scholarships, funding for small businesses, and skills training.
  • None of your donation goes to administrative salaries, rent, or expensive promotion. 
  • 5% goes to on-line expenses and promotion

How closely do you work with the projects, i.e., how frequently do you conduct on-site visits, how closely do you monitor them, etc.?

We work very closely with the projects.  Both Deardens and Lauren Foulger travel to Guatemala and Nepal regularly to monitor and evaluate the projects.  The Deardens lived in Guatemala for 5 years identifying projects, effective projects addressing the most pressisng needs, often small projects in the most need.  Lauren Foulger has worked on-site with the projects in the isolated Mayan villages of Guatemala.  She continues to travel reguarly to Guatemala to evaluate the projects and expand her work with Humble Hilo, the marketing fundraising branch of World Link Partners.  This provides the opportunity to see the projects up close and first hand and to have a very close relationship with the project directors.  The directors we work with are very committed both are volunteers. 
We continue to work very closely and on a regular basis with the project directors. The actual site visits depend on the location of the projects. Most of the projects we support are very isolated.  We meet frequently with the project directors and have a minimum of a yearly informal evaluation and/or visit to the projects. 


What services (i.e., information/reports) do you provide to the donors?
Our role is to work on behalf of the donors and help them feel connected to the projects they support.  We provide:
  • semi-annual and annual reports
  • annual outside informal evaluations of the projects
  • on-line updates
  • personal e-mails and contact
  • financial accountability (annual budget)





Jim and Jean Bird (Donor)

Investment Consultant on Wall Street 


We lived in the New York area for 40 years and currently reside in London, England.  I worked on Wall Street in various investment and financer positions including positions as portfolio manager, pension fund advisor and investment advisor.  I have a master’s degree in Business Administration.  My wife, Jean, has a publishing business for over 10 years and has a degree in communications. 
We have known Marlin and Beth Dearden, the founders of World Link Partners, for over 30 years.  We have been aware of their interest in humanitarian work and closely associated with it since it was initiated in 1997.  My wife and I were initial financial supporters and have continued to provide financial support on a yearly basis.
The Deardens have lived and worked in Guatemala for the past 5 years.  My wife and I have visited on two occasions and witnessed first-hand the work that funding World Link accomplishes.  They and those projects that World Link funds are providing health, educational, humanitarian and financial opportunity to the poor people of Guatemala.  We have also met with project directors that World Link is providing support for.  We are impressed with the commitment and dedication of the Deardens to the people of Guatemala.  We have never had a reason to question their honesty and trustworthiness.
In addition to being committed to World Link’s support for small quality projects, we donate through World Link because of their integrity, honesty and because they have minimal overhead expenditures.
If anyone would like additional information regarding World Link or to discuss the types of projects we have assisted in funding, feel free to e-mail us at jamesbird79@yahoo.com.      
Sincerely, James and Jean Bird

Yvonne Sinclair

Founder and Director of the NARU Nutrition Project


I first met Word Link Partners in Antigua in 2004, having not long decided to stay in Guatemala in order to work on a fresh water system for one specific and remote community. 
Beth and Marlin in turn introduced me to a US group sending their first dental expeditions to the country. The group spent a week in the village and went on to support a nutrition programme that now helps 300 of the region's most malnourished children, often making the difference between surviving and not. 
Word Link connected me to private donors too, acting as a conduit (free of charge) for all funds from the USA, to which I would never have otherwise had access. They made supervisory trips to the region, even when it meant an arduous 13-hour dirt-road return in a pickup. They completely inspired me with their commitment, integrity and professionalism. 
At the outset I knew little about development, let alone family health among the Mayan rural poor. (I am British and my background is in  communications.) World Link's expertise, and their willingness to share, encourage and just listen whenever things went awry, were often the only support I had. 
Today Narú is a registered Guatemalan association working with health centres and local NGOs to bring health education, nutritional support and fresh water to some of the most impoverished people in the country.  Hundreds of people's lives have been improved, and many saved as a direct result. 
None of it would have happened had Word Link not been there to nurture a tiny beginning.
Yvonne Sinclair
Founder, Asociación Narú, Guatemala
Tel: (502) 4079 2591



Chris Johnson

Program Director for CHOICE Humanitarian


I have worked with Beth and Marlin Dearden for many years now and have appreciated their level of integrity, thriftiness and commitment to principles of sustainable development. 
One of the important roles they have played with us is in providing direct support for our teacher salaries and teacher training.  WLP put us through a challenging process to qualify us for their funding.  Part of the requirements included that 100% of their support goes directly to programs, not administration.  Once we agreed to that and could demonstrate our commitment to sustainability, WLP’s stepped up with their support and always delivered on what they promised.
I have a great amount of trust and respect for this organization and particularly with Beth and Marlin.  I have no doubt that they will absolutely honor any promises made or conditions placed on your support to them.


Fred Zambowski

Founder of Let's Be Ready (Children's education project)


My name is Fred Zambowski and I have worked in Guatemala with World Link Partners for the past 3 years. 
I love working with Beth and Marlin Dearden and Lauren Foulger. They save me a lot of administrative work in the process of accepting donations and sending out tax deduction receipts. I appreciate too that they stay in close contact, visiting often as well as emailing often.
They provide and invaluable service to small NGO's like ours. Their service allows me to concentrate on managing and expanding our program. I am not sure I would have stayed with our program for the last 6 years without their offer of help. I appreciate their friendship as well.


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