We support projects providing opportunity in:


  • Education (Nepal)

  •           Remedial education for children
    • Establishment of a center (2018) (focused primarily on women)
      • Women's education: skills training (computers, sewing), descrimination, rights, abuse, childhood marriages
  • Nutrition and Health (Guatemala)
  •            Establishment of a center in Senahu (2016)
    • Distribution of food supplements and vitamins
    • Education on health/sanitation, clean water
    • Establishment of training sites (2018)
      • Homesteads for training in more rural areas 
  • Self Reliance

  •            Chickens (families raise, for both sales and consumption of eggs)                    
  • Organizations (Projects) we currently work with:
Currently we are working in 2 countries partnering with 2 projects (NGO's). 


NARU Nutrition Project (Alta Verapaz, Guatemala)

This project was born through the determination of one woman, Yvonne Sinclair. Yvonne, a native of the British Isles, and at the request of a friend, visited the Senahu area 9 years ago. Upon seeing the conditions, she committed her life and resources to working on behalf of the people.
Her focus is health, and health education, provision of food supplements to malnourished children and sanitation.She has developed and manages the maternal/child nutrition project and is expanding into basic health education and family planning.


Eternal Hope Nepal (EHN)

EHN is a project which was established in 2013 by Dr. Usha Maharjan.   EHN's primary mission is to provide remedial education and hope for children of the slums, approximately half of which the Dolit cast, labeled "untouchables".  
Usha, who has worked as a hospital administrator, directs the project and her two sisters Tara oversees the education of the students and        directs the new EHN Center.  Usha currently manages the project from Utah. 


Organizations we have worked with:


Choice Humanitarian:  Utah
Let's Be Ready:  Guatemala
Mayan Families:  Guatemala
WINGS:  Guatemala