Currently we are partnering with 2 projects:

  • NARU  Nutrition Project                         Guatemala
  • Eternal Hope  Nepal                                 Nepal


Yvonne Sinclair: (Founder and Director of the NARU Nutrition Project)


Yvonne was in the fast moving competitive world of publishing in the U.K. when she took a three week vacation to Guatemala.  That was 10 years ago.  She is still in Guatemala.  Never did she dream that seeing the poverty in Alta Verapaz would change her life. 
Yvonne is working on a volunteer basis.  She is devoting her life and much of her personal financial resources to helping the people in Alta Verapaz.  She has overcome the challenges of dealing with government bureaucracy, hitchhiking alone to isolated villages, avoiding robbers, witnessing preventable deaths of innocent children, and the loss of friends working in the field.  Still she preservers and remains extremely committed to preventing malnutrition and needless deaths.  



Dr. Usha Maharjan Wall (Founder and Director of Eternal Hope Nepal)
Usha received her medical training in India, and served 18 months as a missionary in the U.K.  In April 2016 she left her high level position as administrator of standard operating procedures at Chitwan Medical College and moved to the U.S. (Utah) to promote and expand her work with EHN.  
Usha is Nepali and has witnessed first-hand the effects of the cast system, descrimination,  and poverty in her country.  She is committed to providing hope beyond the slums to children in Nepal.  Half of the children they work with are considered "untouchables" (Dolits). 
Eternal Hope Nepal was established in 2013.. EHN's primary focus has been education with the establishment of classes in remedial education for children of the slums in Chitwan.  They have also established "open air" classes for the most difficult to reach students. 
In 2018 they secured a facility and are establishing a center in Kathmandu for education, skills training, business development/taining and support system for abused women, discrimination and early child marriage.  Usha has a very committed in-country staff: two sisters who are the Director of Education and the Director of the training/skills center.